World’s Funniest Engineering

Novice engineers are the result of what they should give the master.Just like a mechanical engineer, engineers need to experience basic physics principles, develop analytical thinking skills, and develop analytical thinking skills. In the trainings, children need to learn and experience concepts of SOR, THINKING, DESIGN, BUILDING, TESTING and DEVELOPMENT which are engineering design process.Job security is important to remember as well.

Fence Pole Installation Without Cement by GRA Service

On the advice of a structural engineer I work with was told to put concrete in the hole first.That way water will not wick up the lumber making it last much longer. I also asked a friend with builds decks for a living he said that is the correct way.Because water will not run down the inside of a post and pool at the bottom. Leaving the post exposed to the ground under it keeps it wet all the time, it never ever dries and rots very quickly.

Inventor jailed for making this video

Those who believe in conspiracies have a very strong point here. Inventor Paul Pantone was jailed after making a video. Paul developed small engine that runs at 80% water plus various other things (and yes, it works).
Some major oil companies offered Paul a lot of money for his patent. Paul had one goal only that the invention is used to help the mankind.
Whenever possible he refused to sell his invention supposedly Paul was taken to court and argued that he is crazy because he turn down an offer for a large sum of money.
Paul thought principles over profit. Paul was finally placed in a mental hospital and was pressured and tortured to try to get him to sign over his patent.
Paul Pantone knew he would never be able to market his invention, and he put some do it yourself plans to modify its engines.